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OpenERP 7 software is free???

asked 2013-06-03 10:44:25 +0200

Jessie gravatar image Jessie
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Hi all,

I have installed OpenERP All-In-One Windows Installation and this installation is under GNU General Public License.

As I know OpenERP 7 is an open source software. May I know whether this software is free to use or it will be expired after 15 days and need to pay for it after 15 days trial?

Many thanks.



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It is open source and distributed under Affero General Public License. You are free to use, distribute, and modify it within the terms of AGPL license.

Mohammad Alhashash ( 2013-06-03 10:48:43 +0200 )edit

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answered 2013-06-03 11:52:15 +0200

Daniel Reis gravatar image Daniel Reis flag of Portugal
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The 15 day trial is for OpenERP's SaaS hosting. It does not apply to a local, on premise, installation.

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You will have to host the server somewhere (on your own server or in the cloud) which will imply a cost. You will need to do some configuration to get it to work for your company. If you don't have the skills for that, hiring a consultant will imply a cost. You may need to do some changes to the code if the available functionality isn't enough for you, which will imply a cost. You may be interested in the (optional) support contract with OpenERP which will imply a cost. Apart from that, it's free ;) If you need more info on pricing, contact a partner (you can find them on the OpenERP website).

Flyguy ( 2013-06-03 13:42:06 +0200 )edit

answered 2013-06-03 16:04:55 +0200

gunnar gravatar image gunnar
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updated 2013-06-03 16:10:25 +0200

hi Jessie,

OpenERP is and will be free of license fee. Apart from that you need to invest either money* or your time** into getting it to work efficiently.

*Money would be needed to pay people to help you with implementation, maintenance or customizations of OpenERP

**Your time would be needed whether you want to figure out all this by yourself

this discussion offers some interesting statements about this issue I think

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