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What is the difference between receipt and invoice?

asked 2013-02-14 18:20:24 +0200

Cameron gravatar image Cameron flag of United Kingdom
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updated 2013-12-04 12:05:54 +0200

Hi Whats the difference between

  • Purchase - "purchase receipts" & "supplier invoices"
  • Sales - "customer invoices" & "Sales Receipts"

I've been doing this.. Purchases

  • "supplier invoices" - Automatically created by ERP from Purchase orders
  • "purchase receipts" - Invoices & till receipts both payed and on account


  • "customer invoices" - Automatically created by ERP from Sales orders
  • "Sales Receipts" - Other sales receipts & till receipts

I dont see why there are two types for each?

Edit 4th Nov 2013

I'm leaning towards entering everything as invoices.


  • The receipt method would struggle with this only having no line items and only one tax option
  • Completing the payment is also more cumbersome, not been able to do it from the same page
  • Searching for particular invoices becomes harder having to search in two places, and not being able follow links from the partner
  • If say I buy a coffee and a cake! the coffee has VAT @ 20% on whilst the cake has VAT @ 0% (hot v cold) payed with cash! I would need to enter two receipts
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I have been going through exactly the same thought processes as you here. I'm not a huge fan of entering receipts as an "invoice" (it just doesn't sit well with what I think of as an invoice), but the benefits of different VAT rates etc mean it's really the only way to do it. After entering hundreds of receipts from "Miscellaneous Supplier" (we use this for small shops, cafes etc) on the system I also noticed the system gets very slow at identifying which transaction is being "paid" - if only I had gone through them all one by one to clear them out!

Lawrence ( 2013-12-03 21:34:00 +0200 )edit

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answered 2013-02-16 14:06:31 +0200

Mohammad Alhashash gravatar image Mohammad Alhashash flag of Egypt
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updated 2013-04-02 02:29:51 +0200

Technically, they are different OpenERP objects. Invoices are account.invoice and receipts are account.voucher.

The most important feature of sale receipts is to allow direct payment within the transaction instead of recording receivable and make the payment and reconciliation later in another step.

As receipts are made to record simple entries, many invoice features are not available like payment terms, product and quantity, sales person, ...etc.

I think receipt views are missing very important feature; foreign currency support. It is not possible to select receipt currency in the default view.

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It is not also possible to send receipts as emails from the default view unless I don't know how to do it, in which case I would be glad to have someone teach me.

Henry Padi Nyaunu ( 2013-05-29 17:38:18 +0200 )edit

answered 2013-10-09 11:50:20 +0200

Michael Meierhoff gravatar image Michael Meierhoff flag of Germany
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The difference is the receipt on Voucher is a quittance not an invoice.

Example: Sale Receipt -> You go to a shop and pay directly. The Shop Owner give you a Sale Voucher. This Voucher is capture as a Sale Receipt. Sale Invoice -> You order a kitchen and get a Invoice, which you will pay when you get the kitchen. This Invoice is capture as a Sale Invoice.

You can read this in the OpenERP documentation.

"When you sell products to a customer, you can give him a true invoice or a Sales Receipt, which is also called Customer Receipt. Sales Receipts are merely a kind of sales ticket and not a real invoice.

When the sales receipt is confirmed, OpenERP creates journal items automatically and you can record the customer payment related to this sales receipt. The easy invoicing system does not require extensive accounting setup, so you will be up and running quickly!"

You can read this on this website: "Under Simple Customer Receipts" The documentation is for Version 6.1 but this is also valid for the oterh Versions.

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answered 2013-02-16 13:18:30 +0200

Martin H. Bramwell gravatar image Martin H. Bramwell flag of Canada
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In my "real world" experience, while Invoices always record the full amount of a "trade", Receipts travel in the reverse direction of money, regardless of whether the value is the full, or partial, payment of a trade. As distinct acts, for distinct purposes, a distinct record is required.

I expect, but can't yet confirm (I'm learning too) that the "OpenERP world" follows the "real world" in such things.

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The physical operations (receiving an article or delivering) happen at dates which may differ from the accounting times. Thus you need to deliver/receive a receipt at the time of physical operations; OpenErp allows to record them, waiting for the accounting/ legal transaction (supplier invoice etc)

Ad Libitom ( 2013-02-16 17:24:52 +0200 )edit

answered 2013-04-02 06:53:14 +0200

Salman Khan gravatar image Salman Khan
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The measure difference is : In Supplier Invoice you can record product wise invoice, and when you want to record direct without product so you can use purchase receipt. And same condition with Customer Invoice when you want to record your sales product wise so you can use Customer invoice option, but when you want to record your sales without product so you can record Sales Receipt option.

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This actually not true, product is not a mandatory field in invoices. You can just type a description.

Mohammad Alhashash ( 2013-04-02 07:13:13 +0200 )edit

So can you tell me the difference?

Salman Khan ( 2013-04-02 07:26:59 +0200 )edit

Not much; Except for direct cash sales receipt, all receipt functionality can be done as invoice.

Mohammad Alhashash ( 2013-04-02 14:51:39 +0200 )edit

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